Comics vs. Corona

Czech Centres have opened a call for international comics authors - to continue with a story started by a Czech comic strip author Vaclav Slajch. The story revolving around the COVID-19 pandemics is to be developped by artists in Japan, Belgium, South Korea and Greece. The selected authors will be publuished in Czech magazine Aargh! and also in partner media all around the world.

Czech Centre Brussels teamed up with 'the most beautiful comic strip magazine of Low Countries' Stripgids to open a call to Belgian authors. The winning comic strip will be published in Stripgids, too.

Are you an author? Hurry up - the deadline is set to 31 Jan 2021!

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(c) Czech Centres, author Vaclav Slajch

OPEN CALL / Comics vs. Corona

International comics dialogue on the pandemics…and other things.