Adolf Loos / Pioneer of Modern Living

Adolf Loos - The man who put function above style, and became the most stylish of them all. 

An on-line exhibition and a series of events celebrating the 150th anniversary of Adolf Loos' birth: streamed guided tours, debates, and a competition for children, all revealing the fabulous design and the innovative mind of Adolf Loos, a visionary in the field of modern living whose ideas deeply influenced the way we live today. Find the unfolding story of Adolf Loos and the page dedicated to the project here.

Online tours or 2020:

Villa Winternitz (Prague) with architect Adam Gebrian  

Bauer Chateau (Brno) with architect Lenka Štěpánková 

Pilsen interiors with architect Adam Gebrian  

Villa Müller (Prague) with Zdeněk Lukeš (historian of architecture)

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