Czech indie publisher at Brussels Book Fair Professional Days

Wed 24. 02. 2021 The event takes place online

Barbora Baronová, founder of WO-MEN publishing house, is invited to take part in European Book Forum. Together with her European colleagues, she will speak about the future of the book sector – the Brussels Book Fair invites publishers, agents, booksellers and translators to present their perspective from 22 to 26 February 2021.

Barbora Baronová will join a roundtable on 24 February at 4pmTowards eco-responsibility: new initiatives in the book sector, is a hot topic for many actors in the book chain – although it could be more so, especially in practice. Compared to ten years ago, we have emerged from an opposition between paper publishing versus digital publishing, the latter being once considered potentially the most virtuous. Today, whether the book product is consumed on paper or on screen, ecological innovation also comes from new social forms inspired by agriculture, such as the AMAPs. Printing, circulation, transport, it is the whole sector that takes initiatives.


  • Charles Hédouin, co-founder of AMAP Livr&Co (France)
  • Barbora Baronová, Founder of the independent publishing house WO-MEN Publishing (Czech Republic)
  • Mathijs Suidman, Commercial Director of Media Distribution, Centraal Boekhuis (The Netherlands)

Hosted by Cécile Charonnat (Livres Hebdo) (France)

About WO-MEN: “We are Czech independent publishing house oriented toward (not only) gender-focused art books. We love to publish projects ambitious both in content and design.”

Publishing house website

Barbora Baronová is running and curating the wo-men publishing house as a one-woman-show since 2012, and she focus on art books that combine non-fiction writing and documentary photography. More

Participation is organized within the European programme at the Brussels Book Fair, coordinated by EUNIC Brussels cluster (programme here). Czech Centre Brussels is currently serving as EUNIC Brussels president. 

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  • Event title: Czech indie publisher at Brussels Book Fair Professional Days
  • Date: Wed 24. 02. 2021
  • Address: The event takes place online

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