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Find here the podcast channel, Czech New Wave, created by Radio Prague International and Czech Centres.

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Czech Next Wave, a regular podcast produced jointly by the Czech Centres network and Radio Prague International, introduces listeners around the world to emerging, exciting and highly talented young Czechs in various areas of the arts and beyond.

Episode No. 7. - JIŘÍ MÁDL

In this broad-ranging conversation Jiří Mádl (34), discusses his beginnings on screen, why New York was the ideal place for him to study film, directing actors many decades his senior – and a planned project centred on one of the most dramatic moments in modern Czech history.

Episode No. 6 - MARIE TOMANOVÁ

In this entertaining conversation, Tomanová discusses such topics as her own development as a photographer, her laid-back attitude to nudity, hanging out with rock icon Kim Gordon, her forays into the fashion world – and a very exciting new project.


In this wide-ranging edition of Czech Next Wave, the singer discusses finding her own voice, the financial side of doing Never Sol, her social media tagline “East European synth melancholy” – and a major career dream.

Episode No. 4 - MAREK ŠINDELKA

In this wide-ranging conversation, Marek Šindelka discusses the Czech writers that first showed him the power of literature, why he has repeatedly reshaped his debut novel, his fascination with the strange case of an adult Czech woman who passed herself off as a child – and growing up at one of the country’s most famous castles.


In this entertaining, informal interview, Tereza Rosalie Kladošová discusses her DIY aesthetic, her love of home crafts, fast fashion, what is specifically Czech about her work – and a whole lot more.

Episode No. 2 - RNDr. MICHAL ŠIMÍČEK

In this episode of Czech Next Wave, the recipient of the prestigious Neuron prize for young scientists discusses how seemingly revolutionary cell therapy (including the dramatic sounding “suicide gene”) works, how it compares to chemotherapy, the patriotic aspect of moving back to his native region – and his perhaps surprising second profession.

Episode No. 1 - ALBERT ČERNÝ

In this laidback and highly entertaining chat, the musician discusses everything from his youth in the very east of the Czech Republic, the source of his highly convincing English accent, his plans to record in Czech for the first time, how lockdown finally allowed him and his girlfriend to spend an extended period together – and his recent discovery of the joys of Czech beer. 

You could find it on Spotify or on the website of Radio Prague International.