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Communiqué de presse: Nous présentons la culture tchèque en ligne!

communiqué de presse de Centres tchèques

Nos evénements publiques de mars et de début d'avril sont reportés, mais nous allons continuer avec la vocation de Centres tchèques - la promotion de la culture tchèque à l'étranger - en ligne!

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Communiqué de presse en anglais:

We will present Czech culture online

Press release from the Czech Centres on the current situation

Through the course of the year, Czech Centres organise nearly 2,000 events promoting the Czech Republic and its culture worldwide. Due to the current global situation with the spread of the coronavirus, all cultural and other activities are gradually being suspended. This understandably also affects the activities of our foreign branches operating in 25 cities around the world. We fully respect all regulations and restrictions within individual countries and we are looking for ways to contribute by means of Czech culture to the promotion of not only our country’s good name, but also to the promotion of pleasant experiences and a positive mood.

Therefore, we have focused on providing cultural experiences and presenting projects to the world via online networks. The first such action was, for example, Cirk La Putyka’s online performance of “Memories of Fools”, which we shared to 16 cities around the world via our social network pages.

In addition to that, we are expanding our collaboration with Radio Prague International, which has prepared online projects such as “Czech Books That You Have to Know” aimed at supporting Czech literature. We are cooperating with the One World festival of documentary films about human rights, sharing classical music concerts from Brno and Olomouc, and we are prepared to release more and more virtual cultural projects into the world.

“We are very pleased that Czech artists have taken an active and creative approach to the whole situation and we will definitely present their ideas and performances abroad online until we can return to our usual activities. It can even be expected that the virtual form will prove to be so successful that it will become an integral part of our activities in the future,” said Ondřej Černý, general director of Czech Centres.


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