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Czech Film Spring 2019



Spring in Brussels belongs to film events and Czech Centre Brussels goes with the flow with its programme of film screenings and festivals in Brussels. This year’s Film Spring is mainly defned by new documentary films produced in Czech Republic but feature films and animation will not be left behind !

Anima, Offsreen, Millenium & hommage Jan Palach | Mach
March will start with ANIMA Fetival where Czech animation will be represented by young filmmaker Tereza Kovandová who will introduce her film “Bloody Fairy Tales”. Then, a very remarkable feature film “Domestique” will be a part of this year’s Offscreen festival. On the 20th, the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the self-immolation of student Jan Palach will be remembered with the screening of the new film by Robert Sedláček in the House of the European History. March will also be the month of Millenium Festival, one of the highlights of Brussels documentary events, which will invite two Czech documentaries.

One World Brussels | April
The documentary season will continue in April with One World in Brussels 2019, a 13th edition of the series of screenings and debates with human rights defenders and activists. One World in Brussels 2019 revolves around the topic of “Safe Proximity” and raises the questions of identity, divided society and common values

Anima 01.03 > 10.03 | Offscreen 13.03 > 31.03 | Millenium 22.03 > 30.03 | One World 23.04 > 30.04

Contact: Mrs. Jitka Pánek Jurková, director of the Czech Centre Brussels,  jurkova@czech.cz, +32 2 641 89 49