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CzechPlatform - Czech culture abroad!

23. 01. 2017

CzechPlatform is an information portal provided by the Czech centres which monitors the Czech cultural and inventive industries. Its main aim consists in the mapping of all activities abroad which are supported by state or private resources. It also contributes to better coordination and synergy of the Czech presentation in foreign countries.


• improves the coordination of the Czech presentation‘s activities abroad

• increases the presentation’s synergy of specific events abroad

• monitors the Czech participation in foreign countries through art and other disciplines, provides analysis

The usage of portal is free for everyone who plans the presentation of his work abroad and who wants to publicize their activity. The only thing you have to do is to register and inform about your plans in advance. Thanks to the monitoring, the Czech state entities (representative offices, Czech centres and other state representations) will be informed about your activities and could provide you an appropriate cooperation according to their capabilities and services. The portal also offers information services of 22 Czech centres on three continents – websites, e-newsletters, social networks and personal contacts.


More info: CzechPlatform

Tel: +420 234 668 211, e-mail: info@czechplatform.cz