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17-jan.-2017 18:30

Zátopek Revival run

Czech Centre Brussels, Zatopek Magazine, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Brussels, and Czech Olympic Committee cordially invite you to a race "Zátopek Revival Run". The race will be held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Belgian magazine for runners called ‚Zatopek Magazine‘. The event will take place on 17th January 2017 from 18:30 at the Stade des Trois Tilleuls. After the race, a pop-up exhibition of comics about Zátopek, authored by Jaroslav 99 and Jan Novak, will be on display at the venue

The main part of the anniversary celebrations will be the commemoration of the world record set in 1954 by Emil Zátopek, who was the first athlete ever to break the 29-minute barrier in the 10,000 meters. During the “Zátopek Revival Run”, a Czech team of 25 members, including a well-known Czech athlete, Šárka Kašpárková, will be led by the Czech Ambassador Jaroslav Kurfürst. The speed at which Emil Zátopek broke the world record will be set by the former sportsman who participated in the race together with Zátopek in 1954. This time not as a runner, but as a cyclist on a bike. The aim is to reiterate the world record (28,54 minutes) in the form of relay race. Event will be accompanied by the exhibition of a new comic book about Zátopek (Zátopek…když nemůžeš, přidej!)

About the comic book Zátopek…když nemůžeš, přidej!:

The legendary Moravian athlete returns to the spotlight in the splendid comic panels drawn by Jaromír 99 and scripted by Jan Novák. The story of an extraordinary man, of his successes and his legendary grimaces of anguish during races.

“Když nemůžeš, tak přidej”, the legendary Czech athlete used to say, i.e. “when you can no longer run, accelerate”. A motto that summarized the character of Emil Zátopek, considered one of the best runners of all time. Now his extraordinary career has become the subject of a wonderful graphic novel written by Jan Novák, with drawings by Jaromír 99 (pseudonym of Jaromír Švejdík).

The work portrays one of the most important Czechoslovaks of the twentieth century (certainly the first among sportsmen), retracing his glory years, without neglecting the peculiarities that made him special. In addition to the unparalleled success in his races, there are the famous grimaces of anguish and suffering, as well as the sometimes unorthodox training methods, with his grueling workouts in the cold and in the woods, all of which made the athlete unique. The authors have not neglected any detail. Source

Organizers: Zatopek Magazine, Czech centre Brussels, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Brussels, Czech Olympic Committee with the support of the Representation of the Pilsen region in Brussels

When: 17th January 2017 from 18:30

Where: Stade des Trois Tilleuls, Avenue Léopold Wiener 60, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort



Stade Trois Tilleuls, Avenue Léopold Wiener 60, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort


17-jan.-2017 18:30

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