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27-aug.-2018 - 7-sep.-2018

Exhibition on Prague Spring and the 1968 Invasion

Czechoslovakia of the second half of 1960s nurtured a hope for “Socialism with a human face”. The era of innovative artistic creations and vivid discussions about political perspectives was brutally ended by the Soviet-led invasion in August 1968. What exactly triggered it? And what followed? These questions will be addressed by the exhibition dealing with the context of 1968, and during a debate of Czech and Slovak historians specialized on the era.

The exhibition, prepared by the Czech Centres for the mid-century commemoration of the invasion of 1968, follows the exhibition that ended on 12th August in Le Botanique, featuring iconic set of photos by Josef Koudelka. The year 1968 is presented in a larger context of the turbulent sixties, the era of the Prague Spring and the “socialist with a human face”. The success of the Czechoslovak Pavilion at the 1958 Expo in Brussels is also depicted as the creative cultural scene is described.

The exhibition will be complemented by a conference with three prominent Czech personalities and a Slovakian political analyst. Dr. Petr Blažek is a historian specialized in the study of the communist era, especially in the dissent and opposition against the regime. Dr. Michael Romancov deals with geopolitics and the East-West relations, teaching political geography at the Charles University in Prague. Adam Drda is a Czech journalist and documentarist specialized in collecting and publishing stories of the victims of Nazi and communist regimes – within the Memory of the Nation project, as well as in multiple media. Grigorij Mesežnikov is the founder of the Slovakian Institute for Public Affairs and a political analyst dealing with threats to democracy. Their discussion promises an in-depth analysis of the events in the former Soviet bloc and its current repercussions.


4th September 2018
16.00 - 18.00 Conference “Occupation of Czechoslovakia - 50 years”

European parliament, Brussels  Room: A 3E – 2

Opening remarks:

Ivan Štefanec, MEP, Slovakia

Jaromír Štětina, MEP, Czechia


Petr Blažek, Institut for the Study of Totalitarien Regimes

Michael Romancov, Institute of Political Studies FSV UK

Adam Drda, Post Bellum Association - Memory of the Nation

Grigorij Mesežnikov, Political analyst

18.30 - 19.30 opening of the exhibition “Occupation”

European parliament, Brussels:  Balcony Area – 1G

Opening remarks:

Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission (tbc)

Representative of the Embassy of the Czech Republic (tbc)

Ivan Štefanec, MEP, Slovakia

Jaromír Štětina, MEP, Czechia

Jitka Pánek Jurková, Director, Czech Centre Brussels

Registration deadline for the conference: 28/08/2018

NEED EP BADGE?  Please send your: name, nationality, date of birth, ID number to: jaromir.stetina-office@ep.europa.eu



When: 27th August - 7th September

Where:  European Parliament



Organizer: Česká centra / Czech Centres
Project author and curator: Lenka Lindaurová
Professional supervision: Jiří Suk
Digital version: Metamechanics
Translation: Marta Darom
Graphic design: Petr Bosák, Robert Jansa
Scans: Marvil
Cooperation: Czech Television, Czech News Agency (ČTK), Dobrovická Museum, Zdeněk Harapes, Masaryk Institute and Archives of the CAS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, City of Prague Museum, T. G. Masaryk Museum in Lány, Langhans Prague Foundation, National Film Archive, National Gallery in Prague, National Library, National Museum, National Technical Museum, Monument of National Literature, Postal Museum, Slovak National Gallery, Tyrš House, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Military History Institute in Prague and Bratislava





Van: 27-aug.-2018
T/m: 7-sep.-2018

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