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24-okt.-2020 17:30

Documentary Czech dream opens new House of European History exhibition

House of European history will present a new exhibition called Fake for Real. Main topic is the illusion. Documentary Czech dream will be screened within the opening of the exhibition on 24 October (online). In this controversial film, Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda did a social experiment and thus call their documentary the first Czech reality show. The director Filip Remunda will be live on Youtube answering questions from the audience after the screening.

Directors Klusák and Remunda filmed this documentary during their studies at Film Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). As a social experiment, they built fake supermarket and they watch the reactions of excited citizens discovering that there is nothing but a facade and an empty field. The provocative documentary and the exhibition by House of European History invite us to think especially about capitalism and consumer society. The power of advertising is stronger than we think…

The Fake for Real exhibition is another temporary project of the House of European History. During the opening, visitors can look forward to the extensive program - artists will come to introduce their performances in dialogue with the exhibition. The main topic will be the illusion, questions of true or false, but also a play with imagination. Program to be find here. Free registrations  available here. Online screening here.

When: 17. 10. 2020, 17:30 documentary, 12:30 exhibition starts

Where: House of European history






24-okt.-2020 17:30

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