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26-mei-2017 - 28-mei-2017

Vilém Spilka Quartet at Brussels Jazz Weekend

Lovers of quality jazz music will have the opportunity to visit more than 200 jazz concerts in the hearth of Brussels from 26th to 28th May. The festival will among others introduce Czech jazz Quartet of Vilém Spilka, who will feature the classics of Czech country songs in unconventional jazz arrangement. Vilém Spilka Quartet will perform on 26th May from 9PM at Place Sablon.

During the last weekend of May, Brussels will flourish with jazz – four stages will offer more or less known jazz musicians, who will fill the city with warm jazzy atmosphere. The music stages can be found at the very centre of Brussels – at Grand Place, Sablon, Sainte-Catherine and its surroundings and Ferdinand Cocq in Ixelles neighborhood. The concerts will last until 2AM every day, which offers a great opportunity to discover unforgettable music experience.

Vilém Spilka Quartet is recognized as one of the unconventional and well-known jazz ensembles in the Czech Republic. Their music is a combination of classical jazz and country music with a twist of experiment, which adds completely new cease to the old folk songs, which you would not expect in the jazz world.

Vilém Spilka Quartet came into existence in 2013 as one of the joint projects of Vilém Spilka and Radek Zapadlo. This current project keeps the ensemble of their numerous experiences they gained during the years they play together, but also examines new music material, which was created by various composers and various genres. Their first album Podvod (literally “The Fraud”) was released in 2016 under the label of Indies Happy Trails Records.

Come to the Brussels Jazz Weekend on 26th May from 9PM and enjoy the unique rhythm of guitar and saxophone of Vilém Spilka Quartet in the very center of Brussels in the shade of Gothic gem Notre-Dame at Place Sablon.

When: 26th – 28th May

Where: Place Sablon

Entry to the festival is free

More information at http://www.brusselsjazzweekend.be/



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