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30-nov.-2019 - 1-dec.-2019

Czech Fashion Festival 2019: RE-VELVET

 A unique pop-up shop near Flagey brings young Czech desingers, workshops and a great ambience! Czech Fashion Festival 2019 subtitled RE-VELVET deals with the themes of consumption and historical memory in fashion.


The 2019 edition of Czech Fashion Festival in Brussels reflects where we are standing today, in terms of consumption of fashion and things that surround us in general. Sustainability, slow fashion, recycling and upcycling are, therefore, our main themes this year. 

At the same time, we commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Thus through our program, we praise contemporary Czech fashion design and pay tribute to the generation of our parents who before 1989 naturally upcycled their garments not out of abundance, but out of necessity.

A weekend of fashion concepts by seven Czech designers, encounters with the creators, and joy from collective upcycling workshops – with good music and drinks! 


Site-specific fashion installation by designers Lenka Vacková (Best Czech designer at Czech Grand Design 2017) and Barbora Procházková presenting a collection of unique outfits created from inherited and donated half-finished pieces (supported by Textile Mountain).

Selection of Czech designers and brands with sustainable approach: Lenka Vacková / Textile Mountain, Barbora Procházková / Project SAPIENCE, Overall Office, In August Company, Hana Kubešová, Queen's Wood Studio, Jan Bražina and others.

A marathon of public upcycling workshops with various topics and techniques, for beginners and professionals alike. Continuing with drinks and music until late Saturday hours.

Workshops timetable

Saturday 30 Nov
2pm - Project Sapience / Barbora Procházková: Don't buy this backpack. Make it!

5pm - Shapes & Drawings. Creating collages from In August Company leftover materials.

7pm - Think More Trousers. Presentation of Think More Basic project and debate on worth of one's garments by Overall Office.

9pm - Working Hands. Performative workshop with found objects by Jan Bražina and Kristyna Gajdosova.

All day: Textile Mountain/ Lenka Vacková repair shop.

Sunday 1 Dec

3pm - #FolkFuture Silver Pendant Workshop by Queen's Wood Studio (Entry fee 8EUR)

All day: Textile Mountain / Lenka Vacková repair shop. Bring your favourite pieces that need to be repaired, we will help you to do it and make it even better.

Curator: Darina Zavadilová

When: 30/11 - 1/12/2019

Sat 11am to 11pm, Sun 11am to 6pm

Where: Chaussée d'Ixelles / Elsensesteeenweg 341, Ixelles-Elsene

Entry free 



visual by Dana Filipová





Van: 30-nov.-2019
T/m: 1-dec.-2019

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