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10-mei-2016 - 9-jun.-2016

Artist Petr Švolba at the creative residency at SUPERDEALS

Art Institute in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, the Czech Centre Brussels and the off space SUPERDEALS organised artistic residency. The artist Petr Švolba was chosen for this year’s residency. His installations and objects are often close to architecture, or to its elements - to protoarchitecture. Petr Švolba has the opportunity to use residential area SUPERDEALS during the 4-week creative stay in the period from 10th May to 9th June 2016, where the opening of the exhibition of his new art works will be held on June 2nd at 6pm.

Petr Švolba is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Atelier of Sculpture of Mario Kotrba and Jaroslav Koléšek (2006-2012). In his work he primarily specializes in the identity of the place, the relationship between the town and countryside, nature and civilization and nomadism. His work naturally balances on the border between the traditional concept of sculpture, installation and architecture. The used form and material often refer to the archetypal tradition of engineering, as well as to the most elementary building types or the issue of interruption of the natural dialogue between architecture and sculpture.

Within this residence,  Petr Švolba would like to realize a part of his planned project called The Chapel:

It will be a progressive searching, revealing or new definition of particular place. Revealing of its Genius loci. It will be searching for ruins or completely disappeared chapels, perception of feelings which occurs at these places, followed by creative response in a form of creative proces, estabilishing, reappraising, contradiction, symbiosis, sponge on atc .I will also focus on places, where chapels or different kind of shrine have never been before. I will follow my feelings and will search for places where shrine would have a good reason to be. My plan is to deal with both – urban environment and landscape at the same time. I would like to point out that my aim is not to do a historic research of particular architecture or precise reconstruction. The feelings from particular place and its characteristic features will be concerned when creating a new (re)construction, its size, permanence or interactivity. Even though the project is called The Chapel, it is not my intention to work significantly with religious topic. As I have mentioned before I want to focus on feelings with respect to specific places and diversity of cultures. To sum it up, it will be my own definition of the place, small personal miracle or creation of imaginary relic and following formation of place of pilgrimage. The way – pilgrimage, intimate or completely shared according the situation or characteristics of the place. Interventions will have different form.“







More information about the artist: http://svolbap.blogspot.be/

SUPERDEALS (http://superdealsbrussels.org/) are artistic residential premises in Brussels, which invite artists for short stays concluded by a performance of their art works / resident’s project (lecture, performance, installation, exhibition). SUPERDEALS is part of a network of independent galleries in Brussels called The Walk (http://www.thewalk.be/)

SUPERDEALS‘ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuperDealsBrussels/

More information: http://superdealsbrussels.org/

The term of the creative residency: 10th May – 9th June 2016

Exhibition opening: 2nd June 2016 from 6pm

Where: Chaussée de Waterloo 4, 1060 Brussels, Belgium





Chaussée de Waterloo 4, 1060 Brussels


Van: 10-mei-2016
T/m: 9-jun.-2016

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