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8-okt.-2015 - 25-okt.-2015

Czech movies at CinEast festival

The 8th edition of CinEast - festival of central and eastern European movies - will take place in Luxembourg between the dates of 18th and 25th October 2015. It will offer around one hundred screenings of more than 50 feature-length movies as well as almost 40 short films from 18 post-communistic countries.

The festival program is full of additional events, such as concerts, photography exhibition ‘The City Stories’, debates, gastronomical and thematic evenings and social gatherings with more  than twenty special guests.

Czech Republic will be presented by various films, such as the movie by Andrea Sedláčková Fair play that represented Czech Republic at the last year’s Oscars. Other piece to be screened at the festival also made it to The Oscars pre-selection – it’s called Home Care and the director, Slávek Horák, will also be present. Many more will be shown, among which for example An Old Gangster’s Molls, David, Daniel’s World or Film Family or a wide section of movies for children.

Festival pass costs 20 euros, tickets for each projection cost 5 euros.

For more information visit the CinEast festival website www.cineast.lu and be sure to keep yourself updated via CinEast Facebook page: www.facebook.com/cineastfestival.

Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg 17, place du Théâtre, Luxembourg

Van: 8-okt.-2015
T/m: 25-okt.-2015

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