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26-mei-2018 - 27-mei-2018

Too Soon Too Late: performative dialogue of artists from 8 European countries

100 years after the revolutionary year 1918, top dancers and artists from 8 European countries will meet in BOZAR to explore the role of historical memory in contemporary art. The unique performative exhibition "Too Soon Too Late" was created specifically for the iconic interwar building - BOZAR in Brussels. Directed by the experienced Tomáš Procházka from the Prague creative group Handa Gote, the in situ performance takes place on May 26 and 27. 

The Czech Republic will be represented by Miřenka Čechová and Markéta Vacovská, who will animate one wing of BOZAR with their original creation. Polish artist Monika Drozyńska embroiders a new European flag in her performance, while, the Slovak dancer Stanislav Dobák works with video. In other parts of BOZAR,  dancers and artists from Austria, Hungary, Norway, Lithuania and Belgium will take up with their performances

On Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27, there are three occasions, 90 minutes each, on which the audience will be encouraged to walk freely through the building, discovering various angles of artistic imagination related to 1918. 

Today's perception of 1918 in art

What does 1918 mean, 100 years on? In Central European history, the year is associated with the birth of many new states, whose people longed for democracy and modernity. In the newly created countries, those who never had the opportunity to talk were given a voice and a role within the evolving society, as the times where those of radical social, political, economic and cultural changes. Remembering 1918 means shedding light on this experience so little Western Europeans know about. At that time, the artistic emulation reflected these ambitions of enthusiastic revival. What have we kept from them? What does avant-garde mean today? More fundamentally, what is the role of historical memory in the arts today?

This year, the Czech Center Brussels, BOZAR and their partners have organized a series of encounters, conferences, performances, lectures, concerts, and more under the title “1918. European Dreams of Modernity - 100 Years On". The performative dialogue "Too Soon Too Late" is one of its highlights, initiated by the BOZAR Center, the Czech Centre of Brussels and the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague.

This program attempts to answer questions about the past, present and future of Central Europe and asks how today's perception of the events of 1918 forms the present Europe. Through short dance pieces, performative actions and video installations, the artists reflect on the changes that have happened within those past hundred years, and the heritage of the avant-garde, three generation later.

When: 26th May at 5pm, 27th May 4pm & 8pm

Where: BOZAR, Rue Ravensteinstraat 23, Brussels

Entry: 12€, do 26 let a držitelé karty BOZAR : 10€

Presale: https://www.bozar.be/en/activities/141505-too-soon-too-late

Participating Czech artists:

Miřenka Čechová

Markéta Vacovská 


Participating artists:

Monika Drozyńska (Poland)

Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre: Katarzyna Chmielewska, Jakub Truszkowski, Leszek Bzdyl, Katarzyna Ustowska, Anna Steller, Piotr Stanek (Poland)

Zsolt Sőrés (Hungary)

Florin Flueras (Romania) & Brynjar Åbel Bandlien (Norway)

Agnija Šeiko, Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė (Lithuania)

Aldina Michelle Topcagic (Austria)

Stanislav Dobák (Slovakia) & Jamie Lee (Belgium)

Ballets Confidentiels: Johanne Saunier, Ine Claes (Belgium)

Artistic and technical coordination:

Tomáš Procházka, Cristina Maldonado, Jan Kalivoda, Martina Pecková Černá, Viktorie Schmoranzová  (the Czech Republic) 

Thanks to Iulia Popovici (theatre critic and cultural journalist - Romania) for her contribution to the title of this project.



“1918. European Dreams of Modernity – 100 Years On” organized by Center for Fine Arts BOZAR for 2018 in association with cultural institutes, permanent representations and local partners from Austria,  the Czech Republic,  Hungary, Lithuania,  Poland, Romania and Slovakia. It was coordinated by the Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague and a team led by renowned Czech artists. The project was supported in frame of the grant program of the International Visegrad Fund.


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