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Tomáš Liška // Balkan Trafik 2018

Tomáš Liška’s Invisible world quartet at the festival Balkan Trafik

Tomáš Liška's "Invisible World Quartet" is a unique musical group in contemporary Czech music. The creation of this ensemble combines musical elements of jazz, Czech and world music, the Mediterranean and South-East Europe. Invisible world quartet presents a very intimate, yet intense, elegantly varied music that combines the influences of a number of musical styles, from flamenco to folk, from jazz to tango. Their approach is guided by a wider philosophy that sees music as a clear, crystalline medium, radiating a rich palette of emotions awakened by delicate melodies and subtle musical flourishes.

"Invisible World Quartet" has performed on the biggest international stages and the most famous jazz and world music festivals throughout Europe, Africa and Japan. In 2017, they received the Audience Award from the Ostrava International Music Crossroads and accepted an invitation to the Ritmo Music Festival in Budapest. In 2012 Tomáš Liška performed with the support of the Czech Center with his trio in the Sound Jazz Club in Brussels.

This musical group is a sophisticated mix of new and old world influences, including Turkish violins and the Balkan accordion. The result remains a listener space. Great opportunity for musical adventurers!

Where:  21th April from 21h30

When: BOZAR, Centre for Fine Arts - rue Ravensteinstraat 23, Brussels

 More info: http://www.balkantrafik.com/new-lineup-en/




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