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23-nov.-2017 - 24-nov.-2017

Remembering 1918: International symposium on dance and performing arts

Get ready for the busy year of 2018 that will be from a large part dedicated to the topic of 100th anniversary of Czech inependence! But the preparatioins are under way already in 2017: We invite you for the international symposium entitled Remembering 1918: East and Central European Modernity Rebuilding in Performing Arts which aims to ask questions about the centennial of multiple European states that will be celebrated in 2018. Dancers and experts on dance will analyze the symbolic milestone from their point of view and talk about European desire to construct a better future at that time. 23 – 24 November 2017 at La Bellone, Brussel, free entry, reservation required. 

The year 1918 marks not only the birth of new nation states but it stands as a powerful symbol of the desire of so many people in Europe to construct a better future and embrace modernity. The upcoming anniversary of the crucial years 1918, 1948 and 1968 is a pretext for the symposium Remembering 1918: East and Central European Modernity Rebuilding in Performing Arts. The international symposium opens the issue of the influence of modernity past and present on theatre and dance in Central and Eastern Europe from a comparative point of view, offering dialogues between scholars and artists, between theatrical studies and testimony.

The outcomes and inspirations from the symposium will be the source of artistic (dance and theatre) creations which will be presented under the title Remembering 1918 / European Dreams of Becoming Modern on May 24 to 26, 2018 at BOZAR/Brussels.

In collaboration with Arts and Theatre Institute, Czech Centre Brussels, CiAsp (ULB), Polish Institute of Brussels, Lithuanian Culture Institute, Romanian Culture Institute,  Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institue Warsaw & Festival Temps d'Images Rumania (& Loft Theatre Germany).

When: 23rd November 2017 / 9:30AM – 5:30PM

            24th November 2017 / 10AM – 12:30AM

Where: La Bellone, Rue de Flandre 45, 1000 Brussels

Reservation required at accueil@bellone.be.

More information at La Bellone official website.




Van: 23-nov.-2017
T/m: 24-nov.-2017

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