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Štěpánka Jislová finalist of Internation Comic Competition „Animate Europe!“

Animate Europe tends to connect politics and art and show stories to the public. It is a challenge for artists all over the world to express their opinions on recent political crisis and illustrate Europe and its culture. Out of 75 entries from 24 different countries, the expert jury surely selected 7 finalist including Czech illustrator Štěpánka Jislová.

International Comic Competition „Animate Europe!“

The aim of Animate Europe is to learn more about the idea of Europe and to see and discuss how it is perceived by its citizens – especially by those, who are not surrounded by political discussions in their everyday lives. The international comic competition Animate Europe, so far conducted in two rounds in 2013 and 2015. The organizers of the competition hope that the comics they receive would provide answers and ignite discussions about questions such as: Is there a strong vision of Europe? What can or should the future of Europe look like? How is Europe dealing with current crises? And that is exactly what the stories do – provide various and sometimes even contradictory answers to these questions.

 Štěpánka Jislová

Štěpánka Jislová is a Czech illustrator and comics artist. Born in 1992. She has published her short comics stories in various Czech (Aargh!, Caves, Bubblegun, Xerox) and foreign (Bobla, Dirty Diamonds, CBA) magazines. She co-founded Czech branch of Laydeez do comics and was awarded a Californian residency in Wilkinson College as a part of Getting to know Europe grant. Last year, she was one of the authors of the very successful comic series “Czech century” / České století, describing major political and historical events of the Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic from the WWI to nowadays.

All of the 7 Animate Europe! Finalists  are now finalizing their comic stories, which re-animate Europe. The winner will be announced in the Belgian Comic Strip Center.

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When: 11th July 2017

Where: the Belgian Comic Strip Center, Rue des Sables 20, 1000 Brussels




Centre Belge de la Bande-Dessinée, Rue des Sables 20, 1000 Bruxelles



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