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31-jan.-2019 - 23-feb.-2019

Start Point Prize exhibition in Antwerp

The StartPoint prize, dedicated to art school graduates, has evolved during its sixteen years of existence from a national show of degree‘s works to a prestigious international project, annually introducing the most outstanding talents of emerging artistic generations from various European countries. Presently, it covers nearly 30 prestigious academies from 14 countries and is the largest European show of its kind.

The StartPoint prize is unique not only for its long tradition and span, but also for its independence, where the academies hold only a minority consulting vote. It does not even determine the medium, technique or theme, the most important criterion is the novelty and originality. Its main purpose lies in finding a fresh look at the most recent emerging art across Europe and in its promotion and popularization.

In 2018, the Start Point has organized a series of presentations: after the opening exhibition at the house of arts in Brno, a performative pop-up presentation within the 4 + 4 days in motion festival in Prague was organized and in the course of 2019, the exhibition heads to Amsterdam, Antwerp and Toulon.

Exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts, Antwerp

Artists: Anastasia Afonina (GRA Amsterdam), David Bartoš (FAVU VUT Brno), Roza Duda / Michal Soja (ASP Krakow), Gilles Dusong (KASK Gent), Simona Gottierová (VŠVU Bratislava), Jonathan Hielkema (KABK Den Haag), Zagros Mehrkian (ÉSADTPM Toulon), Tamara Stoll (HGB Leipzig), Charline Tyberghein (KASK Antwerpen), Jur de Vries (HKU Utrecht)

Curators: Pavel Vančát and Radek Váňa

David Bartoš
Gilles Dusong


StartPoint was founded in 2003 at the Klatovy gallery / klenová gallery, since 2009 the award was accompanied by a started residency programme for awarded artists. Since 2010 is StartPoint prize an independent prize and from 2015 it is a regular part of the autumn programme of the trade fair palace of the National gallery, but also produces smaller selective exhibitions in other cities (Bucharest, Ghent, Bratislava, Amsterdam). Starting 2018,the StartPoint is backed by the fund for contemporary art, which also manages the renowned Richard Adam collection.

During the fifteen years of StartPoint’s existence, hundreds of artists have passed through, many of which are respected stars today, and all of them together create a unique geographical and temporal cross-section of European contemporary art in its freshest form.

When: opening on 31 January at 8PM, exhibition runs until 23 February 2019 (opening hours Thu/Fri/Sat 12-18)

Where: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp/ De Lange Zaal, Venusstraat 36 (not a main entrance!), 2000 Antwerpen

More on directions & opening hours: https://antwerpart.be/agenda/startpoint-prize


Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp

Van: 31-jan.-2019
T/m: 23-feb.-2019

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