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Spitfire Company : Antiwords in Aarschot

If you are a lover of original theater performances , be sure not to miss this event. Czech theater and uniqueness equals  Spitfire Company. Domestic critics and foreign press rate this group among the most original and most interesting creators in the Czech Republic, so it‘s no surprise that the ensemble and its artists are holders of several prizes. The characteristics of their work include the emphasis on physical acting on the stage, experimentation with new theatrical elements, the attempt to connect different genres in the search for new visual impulses.

The company also has an experience from abroad, it performed in the US, the Netherlands, in England and on many more stages worldwide The ensemble is not even a newcomer in Belgium, it worked with the Czech Centre in2014 during its residencyat Les Brigittines . At this year's BOZE WOLF Fest, the group will present Antiwords, which is influenced by the Václav Havel’s  play “Audience” that he wrote while working at the brewery and introduced, for the very first time, his alter ego Ferdinand Vaněk. In addition to the theatrical enjoyment, other artistic factors will also appear in the play- sculptures by Paulina Skavova and music of Sivan Eldar which was especially composed for this piece

When: 14th March. 2018

Where: BOZE WOLF Fest, Aarschot

More information: http://www.spitfirecompany.cz/articles/detail/19




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