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11-jul.-2017 - 6-okt.-2017

Exhibition of student’s works in front of Pilsen House in Brussels

During the summer months, students of the Ladislav Sutnar’s Faculty of Design and Art will introduce their works to Brussels and construct an ambitious site-specific sculpture at the square Jamblinne de Meux in front of the Pilsen House. Students of sculpture of the prof. Jiří Beránek will build on this occasion a site-specific installation, which will be revealed on 11th July. The sculpture will be accompanied with the exhibition of a project “Abandoned churches”, which origins also at the Faculty of Design and Art in Pilsen.

Site-specific installation

The authors of the Brussels’ installation, Jiří Hovorka and Jakub Čůzy will in response to an invitation by the Czech Center in Brussels construct two wooden installations, which will be on display for three more months. One installation symbolizes an arch, which encourages the public to stop in the busy streets of European District and immerse in the art. Closely related to this is the idea of the second displayed installation, which evokes an altar close to the heaven and appeals on the spiritual mind of the observer.

The two wooden sculptures will be accompanied with the exhibition of a project “Abandoned and endangered churches”, which is related to the modern tradition of landart. The artist enters a new impulsive relationship with a “wild” landscape and the landscape of nowadays modern city. The outcome is that instead of walking around the sculpture, the public becomes involved in the landart and is forced to feel the environment around. The space and its perception are essential. It is not just about the sculptures as objects, but about the coherence with the place, which is determining for the output.











The project of abandoned churches

The project was carried out with significant support of Pilsen - European Capital of Culture project and by the Pilsen Region. The main aim of the project was not reconstructing the particular abandoned sacral monuments in the border area, but pointing out the problem of the forgotten churches itself. The purpose of site-specific installations in damaged churches is to indicate the long history of these places, which were able to keep their inner strength, though the attention of nowadays society is drawn to something else. The highlight of the project was creation of a brand new pilgrimage trail in 2015, which connects 20 sacral monuments that were sentenced to fall into disrepair in the communist regime.

Visitors of the exhibition in Brussels will have a chance to experience the atmosphere of these lost places through the photo documentation of 11 chosen abandoned churches of the Pilsen Region, which will be accompanied by a large format sculptural project located in the park just across the Pilsen House in Brussels, which relates to the spirit of the whole project.












When: Opening of the exhibition: 11th July 2017, 6PM (on display until 6th October 2017)

Where: Place de Jamblinne de Meux 31, Brussels


Photos from the vernissage here

More information at https://fdu.zcu.cz/en/1424-specific-landart-exhibition




Place de Jamblinne de Meux 31, B-1030 Brusel - Schaerbeek


Van: 11-jul.-2017
T/m: 6-okt.-2017

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