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4-mrt.-2016 - 6-mrt.-2016

SLAMons : Slam poetry from Pilsen in Belgian Mons

This festival, dedicated to performers from all over the world, is an unique showcase of the best talents in the genre of slam poetry, into which are also included representatives from Pilsen! 15 teams from Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, but also from Canada, Nigeria and Togo will compete in Mons in three days from 4.3. till 6.3.2016. Neither rap nor improvisation, slam poetry is unique form of artistic expression that has been entertaining both performing teams, as well as the audience at the Maison Folie for nine years!

Slam Poetry International

Slam poetry is distinguished from other performances by involving poetry and theater. Slamer communicates with the audience with his/her mimics, expression, movement, theme and rhythm of the text.

The symposium Slam Poetry International is going to use the specific position of Pilsen as a special nest from which interesting people, who are well known internationally, flew to the slam scene. This year, SlaMons will also introduce slamers from Pilsen, which prides itself with its long tradition. The main part of the whole meeting will be joint action of the Czech slamers from Pilsen with their colleagues from the Belgian Mons. The jam with participation of the world's best Belgian, French, Canadian and other slamers is going to be the icing on the cake.

When: 4. – 6. 3. 2016

Where: Maison Folie, Rue des Arbalestriers, 8, 7000 Mons

More information: www.facebook.com/events/1230859796928930/


Van: 4-mrt.-2016
T/m: 6-mrt.-2016

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