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7-dec.-2018 09:45

Colloquium on the literary translation

Among the most difficult fields of human science belongs certainly a literary translation. When talking about relations between Czech and Belgian translations, we should focus mainly on the translator himself as he is the one to clear it up. He is the “operator” of the two cultures; he is the initiator of knowledge. It’s him who encourages us to have a think about other questions: are there rules for translation to be done which need to be followed? Can the translation, in comparison with its original, become commonplace? How to explain the fact that some of translations can become more popular that the original itself?  

The colloquium is being organized in cooperation with the library AML, Czech Academy of Science and Czech Centre Brussels.    

You will find the detailed programme here.


When: 7 December 2018, from 9:45am

Where: Library AML (Archive and museum of literature) - Salle du Conseil, Bd. De l’Empereur 4, 1000 Brussels

Registration up to the 1st of December 2018 at laurence.boudart@aml-cfwb.be or jrubes7@gmail.com 




Bd. de l´Empereur 4, 1000 Bruxelles


7-dec.-2018 09:45

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