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15-okt.-2019 18:30

Science Diplomacy: a conference

Science as a tool of diplomacy has a long tradition and is currently becoming more and more popular not only in the EU but also in its Member States. Strong collaboration in science provides opportunities to build relationships with nations that countries might not otherwise have had. What is more, the intersection between science and diplomacy goes well beyond the building of bilateral relationships and speaks to broader foreign policy objectives. European societies face several increasingly urgent and complex challenges which are becoming more interdependent and global in nature. No single nation is the sole cause or solution to these challenges. These require coordinated international efforts, which makes them central to foreign policy. In addition to diplomatic skills needed to balance the interests and capacities of actors, there is also a need for greater expertise and, more concretely, scientific knowledge. Diplomats cannot be expected to have or to easily obtain this knowledge, even less so in today’s dynamic research and innovation systems. For the most part, they have to rely on scientific advice.


Science diplomacy as a topic is also very attractive for researchers from all over the world, and several EU funded projects are currently exploring and conducting research on tool for diplomacy. One of the best examples is Horizon 2020 project S4D4C (“Using Science for/in Diplomacy for addressing global Challenges”) which aims to support current and future European science diplomacy for the benefit of European capacities, EU foreign policy goals and especially the development of solutions for global challenges.

Now, as our society is facing several global challenges, grave problems such as climate change, overpopulation and cyber security require worldwide collaboration to find sustainable solutions. It is science that provides an understanding of these issues, and it is science that will underpin our solutions.



6.30pm – 7pm                  Registration

7pm – 7.10pm                  Opening remarks

7.10pm – 7.30pm            Presentation of S4D4C project

7.30pm – 8.30pm            Panel Discussion

8.30pm – 8.40 pm           Closing remarks



Tamara Katuščák – Deputy Ambassador at Embassy of the Czech Republic to the Kingdom of Belgium

Eliška Tomalová – Faculty of Social Science, Charles University, Prague

Luk Van Langenhove – Institute for European Studies (IES), Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB)

Mael le Bail – Attaché for Higher Education and Science at the Embassy of France in Belgium

EEAS – European Commission


When: 15 October 2019, 6.30 pm

Where: Prague House, Avenue Palmerstone 16, Brussels

The discussion will be followed by a glass of wine.

For registration, click here.


Organizers:  Czech liaison office for research, development and innovation (CZELO) in cooperation with Czech Centre Brussels and Prague delegation to the EU





15-okt.-2019 18:30

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