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5-apr.-2017 19:00

Science Café with Gorazd B. Stokin

Czech Centre Brussels, CZELO, the Representation of the South Moravian Region and the Representation of the Pilsen Region in Brussels invite you to Science Café, an open discussion on the topic „Alzheimer's Disease, Learning, Memory and Their Failure“ with honored neurologist Mr.Gorazd Bernard Stokin. Registration is required (find the link below). In English

Science Café is a forum for discussion of current work and interesting scientific issues. It aims to be informal and accessible. Anyone can participate; speaker is there to be questioned and to talk about his area of work and research.

Gorazd Bernard Stokin is a recognized scientist working in the field of neurology. His work is dedicated to Alzheimer's disease, especially to its early stage. He holds the position of Chair at the International Clinical Research Center within St. Anne's University Hospital Brno (FNUSA-ICRC). Dr. Stokin published the results of his work in many reputable international journals, is a member of international professional associations such as the American Academy of Neurology and the Society for Neuroscience. In cooperation with Slovenian Ministry of Health, Dr. Stokin participated, as head of the committee, in developing a national strategy for improving the care of patients suffering from dementia. He is also a co-author of a patent to improve the quality of care for patients with Alzheimer's disease, and delivers lectures at foreign institutions and international conferences on a routine basis.

When: Wednesday 5th April 2017 from 7PM

Where: Pilsen House, Place de Jamblinne de Meux 31, Brussels

Registration is open until 3rd April 2017 at http://geform.tc.cz/science_cafe5


Pilsen House, Place de Jamblinne de Meux 31, Brussels


5-apr.-2017 19:00

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