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Rusalky – a performance in commemoration of the Czech Velvet Revolution of 1989

Under the auspices of H.E. Martin Povejšil, head of the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the EU, and H.E. Jaroslav Kurfürst, Czech Ambassador in Belgium, the Czech Inspiration and Czech Fun Club are organizing a modern adaptation of the opera “Rusalka” by Antonín Dvořák. The performance will be held on November 19 at 16h and 20h in Flagey. Not only renowned soloists as Luisa Albrechtová, Eliška Weissová, Adam Leftwich or Milan Vlček will perform but also the orchestra Czech Sinfonietta Brussels led by Radim Dvořák, the choir Brusinky/ Brussings, Popbalet dance group and En Arché choir. The opera is directed by Ladislav Miko. The show is held with the support of the Czech MEPs Martina Dlabajová, Dita Charanzová, Kateřina Konečná and Michaela Šojdrová.


Antonín Dvořák based his most beautiful opera on the fairy tale The Little Mermaid by the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Pursuant to the story, the Czech poet Jaroslav Kvapil wrote one of the most poetic opera librettos there is. No wonder then that the fruit of the co-operation between the two creators, who were close both as artists and friends, was a magical, dreamy story of great, unfulfilled desire of the water nymph Rusalka, a work in which Dvořák’s musical genius reached its apex. The fairy-tale atmosphere inspired the composer to create singular, impressionistic music replete with melodic imagination and masterful instrumentation, a suggestive expression of the play of waves and the reflection of moonlight on the surface of a lake, as well as the magic of a fairy-tale dream. Rusalka


More info: http://www.inspirationtcheque.eu/2016-11-19-rusalky---reservation

When: November 19, 2016, at 16:00 and 20:00

Where: Studio 1, Flagey, Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Brussels

Price: EUR 20

Ticket reservations here



Studio 1, Flagey, Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Brusel



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