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Jaroslav Rudiš in dialogue with Jacek Dehnel in BOZAR

“Two young writers who were growing up just before the fall of the Iron Curtain; their countries shared a common history for a part of the 20th century but are today committed to their own identity and sovereignty. The writers too? Is there such a thing as Iron Curtain literature?”

Jaroslav Rudiš is one of the most translated contemporary Czech authors – he authored a comic book, adapted his novel for theatre and for film, and is part of the music group Kafka Band. He is by far not a newcomer to Belgium: His books have been translated to both French and Dutch, his graphic novel "Alois Nebel" was exhibited in Belgian Comic Strip Centre, and he was a guest of the Brussels Book Fair in 2018.

His last novel, “Český ráj” (literally “Czech paradise”) is a funnily bitter look on a group of Czech men who, while meeting in the unknown sauna during one year, talk women, life and beer. His future book is to be published first in German and it combines a train journey in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire  with how the post-Hapsburg countries are still affected by its 19th (and older) history after 1918.  In his previous books, the reader sees almost physical reminiscence of how the world used to be in a sort of general feeling of “good old times” in Czechoslovakia or in the Czech Republic.  Recently, his hometown, Lomnice nad Popelkou, unveiled a new cinema decorated with the images from the “Alois Nebel” comic.

When: 12 December at 8pm 

Where: BOZAR, 23 rue Ravensteinstraat, 1000 Brussel(s)

Tickets presale HERE.

Event organized as a part of Remembering 1918 programme with the support of Czech literature Centre and Moravian Library. Moderator: Peter Vermeersch, author and professor European Studies at KULeuven.






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