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Residence of Czech artist Romana Drdová in Antwerp

The Living Room: Romana Drdová & Sidney Aelbrecht.

Artist Romana Drdova (CZ, °1987) and Sidney Aelbrecht (BE, °1990) are taking part in the annual exchange between AIR Antwerpen and MeetFactory Prague. Within this program the two residents are hosted together at the partners. After having stayed three months in Antwerp, and before leaving for three months to Prague, the artists will show their works in a duo-presentation at The Living Room.

As two planets remotely revolving around each other within the same universe, Romana and Sidney will present separate installations in one space: Sidneys installation consists of a record player, his personal record collection and his latest paintings. Romana will show an installation of objects, inspired by the display windows of jewelry shops, hieroglyphic codes on the pavement and baroque ornaments found in the urban setting of the city.

Side-by-side their works form a dialectic environment in which the gaze, the symbolic and sensory set the tone.

Romana Drdová, the finalist of the Jindřich Chalupecký Prize and graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, focuses mainly on installation and video creation. Her work reflects the mistakes and misunderstandings of everyday conversations. She uses reflective surfaces, glass and mirrors. At the same time, she focuses on the interconnection and boundaries of European and Asian cultures.

Centres of contemporary art AIR Antwerpen and Meet Factory Prague each year offer artists a half-year residence in Prague and Antwerp. The artists will spend the first half of the half-year program at AIR Anwerpen, after that at MeetFactory Prague. The residence has begun in January 2018. With the support of the Czech Centre Brussels and the Embassy of the Czech republic to the Kingdom of Belgium.

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