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20-nov.-2019 - 30-nov.-2019

Kolya at Regained Freedom International Film Festival

A film festival that marks 30 years of freedom in Eastern Europe, the Baltics and the Balkans.

The programme proposes a deep reflection on the past: the selection focuses on the historical moment of 89, presenting the circumstances that led to, the way of life during and the events that triggered the changes from the totalitarian regimes. All this from distinct perspectives, with movies from eight different countries partnering in the project: Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Romania and Croatia. Look into the history of the region and discover through nine cinematic masterpieces how the former regime shaped the life of the people. The festival will show the past in a different light.

On 26 November, a Czech film Kolya, which won both the Academy Award and the Golden Globe as Best Foreign Language Film of 1997, will be screened. Written by Zdenek Sverak, well-known actor and writer and directed by his son Jan Sverak, now world-renowned film director, this touching drama tells a story of a small Russian boy left behind by his mother in Czechoslovakia to a notorious bachelor...


 20 November, 7PM - FESTIVAL OPENING

Opening of the exhibition Pan-European Picnic / 20/11 – 30/11

It was not tanks or bulldozers that took down the Iron Curtain, but a picnic. In 1989 a group of Hungarians organized a peaceful demonstration on the border between Hungary and Austria which concluded in thousands of people showing up and hundreds of East Germans taking the opportunity to cross through the border while guards stood idly by.  

The first domino of a series of events leading to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Diary for My Children / Napló gyermekeimnek

Biography, Drama, HU, Márta Mészáros, 106’, 1984, OVstEN


22 November, 7PM

Solidarity According to Woman / Solidarność według kobiet - Documentary, PL, Piotr Śliwowski, Marta Dzido, 113’, 2014, OVstEN



23 November, 6PM

Disco and Atomic War / Disko ja tuumasõda - Q&A with the director  - Documentary, EE, Jaak Kilmi, 80’, 2009, OVstEN



24 November, 5PM

Repentance / მონანიება / Monanieba - Drama, GE, Tengiz Abuladze, 153’, 1986, OVstEN



26 November, 7PM

Kolya - Drama, CZ, Jan Svěrák, 105’, 1996, OVstEN



27 November, 7PM

Gundermann - Q&A with the director - Drama, Romance, DE, Andreas Dresen, 128’, 2018, OVstEN



28 November, 7PM

Red Earth / Vörös föld - Docu-drama, HU, László Vitézy, 100', 1982, OVstEN



29 November, 7PM

Octav - Drama, RO, Serge Ioan Celebidachi, 102’, 2017, OVstEN



30 November, 5PM

Long Dark Night / Duga mračna noć - Drama, War, HR, Antun Vrdoljak, 200’, 2004


When: 20. – 30. November, 2019

Where: Balassi Institute, Treurenberg 10, 1000 Brussels



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Van: 20-nov.-2019
T/m: 30-nov.-2019

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