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13-nov.-2018 - 23-nov.-2018

Prague Spring – University of Liège

Czechoslovakia of the second half of 1960s nurtured a hope for “Socialism with a human face”. The era of innovative artistic creations and vivid discussions about political perspectives was brutally ended by the Soviet-led invasion in August 1968. What exactly triggered it? And what followed? These questions will be addressed by the exhibition dealing with the context of 1968, and during a debate of Czech and Slovak historians specialized on the era.

The exhibition, prepared by the Czech Centres for the mid-century commemoration of the invasion of 1968, travels to Liège after having been on display at the European parliament and following another very successful exhibition in Le Botanique, featuring iconic set of photos by Josef Koudelka. The year 1968 is presented in a larger context of the turbulent sixties, the era of the Prague Spring and the “socialist with a human face”. The success of the Czechoslovak Pavilion at the 1958 Expo in Brussels is also depicted as the creative cultural scene is described.

The exhibition (in French) will be on display in the entry hall of the central campus of the University of Liege from 13 to 22 November.

Opening strictly upon a reservation – more info and registrations here: https://www.news.uliege.be/cms/c_10403646/fr/le-printemps-de-prague-1968?preview=true&id=c_10403646

Organizers: Czech Centre Brussels, Mr Serge Mantovani, honorary consul of the Czech Republic in Liege, Université Liege

With support of: Embassy of the Czech Republic to the Kingdom of Belgium, Representation of the Pilsen region to the EU



Van: 13-nov.-2018
T/m: 23-nov.-2018

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