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26-sep.-2017 16:00

The first POETRY JUKEBOX in Belgium – opening

We are happy to announce that Poesiomat / The Poetry Jukebox will become a part of Transpoesie Poetry Festival this year. The authors Ondřej Kobza and Michaela Hečková (CZ) believe that hearing the original voices of poets is one of the most beautiful and inspiring experiences a city can offer. In cooperation with City of Brussels, the installation will be revealed on 26th September at 4PM at Place Sainte-Catherine 29 near the medieval Tour Noire with the presence of Karine Lalieux, Alderwoman for Public Cleaning, Culture and Tourism of Brussels.

The Poesiomat is a structure that enlivens the public space with poetry. It is designed as an automatic machine with a simple control system allowing users to select the poems they wish to hear. The shape of the object reflects the complex and ever-changing context of the city (parks, historical buildings, busy streets, junctions, places thronged with people) and is designed as an independent installation to be placed in a historical as well as a modern urban setting.

Brussels audience will have chance to listen to 18 different European languages such as for instance Faroese, Georgian and Czech. Their translation into French and Flemish, the official languages used in Belgium, will be the part of the installation too. The passing audience will be able to enjoy poets‘ voices and their translated versions for 24 hours a day.

Attending the launch will be Karine Lalieux, Alderwoman for Public Cleaning, Culture and Tourism of the City of Brussels
Together with Czech author Zuzana Fuksová,  Finnish slam duo Melinda&Malin, who will perform at the outdoor event.

The author of the Poetry Jukebox installation and other projects and public space interventions is Ondřej Kobza, co-founder of Czech project Pianos on the Streets, Prague-based cafés owner and cultural activist with passion for literature and live events in non-traditional places. Together with his colleague, cultural manager, producer and writer, Michaela Hečková, he is continually looking for international partners for their project The Poetry Jukebox. They are focused on animation of public space in cities and during last four years they installed about 50 public pianos and 60 chess tables in the streets, parks and squares in order to show the possibilities of how people can make their own cities more livable.

Nowadays it is possible to visit this installation also in NYC, Edinburg, Berlin, Lodz, Prague and other cities.

When: 26th September 2017 – 4PM

Where: near to Tour Noire/Zwarte Toren at Sainte-Catherine, Brussels.

More information at Facebook page.

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Place Sainte-Catherine 29


26-sep.-2017 16:00

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