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1-mei-2020 - 30-jun.-2020

Performing Arts online

Performing arts online – our top picks:



Ponec: The Theatre for Dance online

The first Prague contemporary dance theatre Ponec brought online an array of performances that would normally take place at their premises: some of them for one-off occasions – such as the dance performance Constellations together with the contemporary music orchestra Berg on May 7 – others can be seen permanently, such as Generation X by Michal Záhora, a performance embodying the sentiments generation born during the communist era, but growing up around the Velvet revolution. Or, What is the Weight of Your Desire? by Vertedance and the band Zrní about the dangers of getting close to yourself. The whole repertory is here! https://divadloponec.cz/cs/ponec-online

420 People: The Watcher

We have already introduced you to the lessons of contemporary dance by 420People. The founders, Václav Kuneš and Nataša Novotná, worked for long years with Jiří Kylián in The Netherlands. Their performance The Watcher is well-worth checking out for the (almost) live music, intense atmosphere, and – of course – superb quality of the performers.


 Homeworks of Cirk La Putyka online

The most popular Czech circus company Cirk La Putyka used the online space to perform for wider audience than in their usual studio – and their live stream of Memories of Fools raised an incredible amount of money for their work but also for the youngest circus generation, for acrobats of Rwanda, etc. You can follow their Cirk La Putyka (A)live here (https://www.facebook.com/cirklaputyka/?ref=br_rs). We recommend especially their live streams of their practices each Wednesday called Homework (the last one is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESf3ztanm9k). They try to fit their tricks between flowerpots and pieces of furniture with wit and elegance.

Photos: Cirk La Putyka (Facebook)


Van: 1-mei-2020
T/m: 30-jun.-2020

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