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20-sep.-2017 - 7-okt.-2017

Europeana by Patrik Ouředník: the Theatre des Martyrs

“Europeana: A Brief History of the Twentieth Century” is Patrik Ouředník's novel which represents the twentieth century in all its contradictions and grand illusions, demonstrating that nothing substantial has changed between 1900 and 1999 - humanity is still hopeful for the future and still mired in age-old conflicts. In 2015 Virginie Thirion successfully introduced the theatre adaptation of Europeana and now brings it to yet another theatre in the Belgian capital - Theatre des Martyrs.

“In 1989 one American political scientist came up with the theory of the end of the world, according to which the history ends already in 1989, since the modern science and new means of communication enable the humans to live in prosperity and that the common prosperity is the guarantee of democracy, which is the opposite to what the humanists and the enlightened used to think. Though many people did not know such theory and continued in creating the history as if nothing had happened.” The writing is not just about the November of 1989, but it also comments the whole 20th century. The book was nominated for the prestigious literary award Prix Médicis Étranger (FR) or European Union Prize for Literature.

Europeana paints a whirling, caustic portrait of 20th century Europe. Virginie Thirion, the play’s director, was captivated by this novel which depicts the difficulties encountered by 20th century man in explaining the world in which he lives. Anne-Marie Loop plays Europeana. She is Europe. It is her female perspective that guides us on the journey through this desolate yet fascinating century.

Script: Patrik Ourednik

Direction: Virginie Thirion

Europeana: Anne-Marie Loop

Direction assistant:  Tawfik Matine

Scenography:  Sarah de Battice

Costumes: Odile Dubucq

Hair: Stéphane Pardon

Makeup: Joëlle De Coster

Video: Eric Vanden Dunghen, Tawfik Matine

Translation: Patrik Ouředník, Gerald Turner


When: 20th  September – 07th  October 2017

Where: Théâtre des Martyrs, Place des Martyrs, 22, 1000 Brusel

More information: http://theatre-martyrs.be/saison/europeana/47D56FF7-EE28-038F-7809-6754381B88FF/


Place des Martyrs 22, 1000 Bruxelles


Van: 20-sep.-2017
T/m: 7-okt.-2017

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