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24-apr.-2017 - 4-mei-2017

One World in Brussels 2017 - The Art of Collaboration

One World, International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights, will take place in Brussels from April 24th till May 4th, where 16 movies chosen from Prague One World festival will be screened for the Brussels’ audience. The Czech Centre in Brussels, together with People in Need Foundation, the Czech Permanent Representation to the European Union, the European Parliament, the Representation of Norway to the EU, with organizations from the Human Rights and Democracy Network and the Brussels United Nations Information Centre (UNRIC) invite you to this unique film festival connected with human rights.

The films are always selected from more than 100 pieces shown at One World in Prague. The emphasis is given to topics of interest of the EU and those in which People in Need has a direct expertise. An integral part of the festival is a series of discussions with human rights defenders, politicians and experts and advocacy meetings. In 2017, One World will again reflect current political and social topics. The main theme of the festival in Prague, as well as in Brussels, will be The Art of Collaboration. Such topic aims to open a debate about the crisis in Europe brought about by Brexit, Grexit, the allocation of the Visegrad Group, the inability to cooperate in questions of migration or stances on Ukraine. One World wants to remind us in these turbulent times full of conflicts and negative news of the power of collaboration as a possible path to recovery. Collaboration is a positive way to react to a divided society in a crisis of values. Other programme categories will include topics such as populism, the power of the media, architecture and society and many others. One programme category will be focused on Germany.

The 11th annual One World in Brussels Festival will address the representatives of European institutions, journalists, experts, movie fans and lay public in order to initiate a discussion on important social issues topics. Screenings will be followed by panel discussions with the participation of politicians, human rights activists and international NGOs.

The opening ceremony will take place in the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts on April 24th at 8pm with the first movie “Good Postman”. The movie of the Bulgarian director Tonislav Hristov documents small and stubborn Bulgarian village, which faces the Turkish border and has been resisting foreign invaders since the times of the Roman and Ottoman Empires. The Great Gate, as the village has been called for centuries because of its location on the doorsteps of the former Ottoman Empire, has found itself in the middle of European crisis, as at night asylum seekers sneak across the border causing fear and unrest. Once again the sleepy and forgotten village has become the most important secret loophole of Europe. Postman Ivan has a new political vision. He decides to run for mayor to bring the dying village to life by welcoming refugees. His opponents want either to close their eyes or close down the border and reintroduce communism. Busy on the campaign trail while delivering the mail, Ivan soon learns that while good intentions are not enough, even the smallest deeds matter…

Festival screenings will be held in the European Parliament, the Committee of Regionsthe Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the EUthe Norwegian Embassy in Belgium, the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts and Cinema Galeries in Brussels. Entry is free for most of the screenings.

From April 24th til April 28th, the Atheneum Brussels, a Dutch language secondary school in the heart of Europe's capital, is organizing its first edition of the One World Film Festival. The pupils from the 5th and 6th grade took the initiative and invited pupils from Maastricht and from other schools in Brussels to be their audience. They're responsible for every single aspect, from logistics to catering and moderating the debates that follow each movie. The choice of the documentaries was theirs as well. They chose: The War Show (on Syria), Plastic China (on recycling), Prison Sisters (on Afghan women's rights), The opposition (on land grabbing) and Pearl of Africa (on lgbt-rights in subsaharan-Africa). 

The Brussels festival also cooperates with Movies that Matter (The Hague), Festival Des Libertés (Brussels), Watch Docs (Warsaw) and also with Human Rights and Democracy Network, UN Information Centre (UNRIC), Search for Common Ground, European Partnership for Democracy, EuroMed Rights, Christian Solidarity Worldwide  and with international team of lawyers Frank Bold.






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Van: 24-apr.-2017
T/m: 4-mei-2017

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