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29-okt.-2016 14:00

The New Adventures of Pat and Mat

Two clumsy handymen are back and their new stories created by Marek Beneš will be presented in Brussels. Not only children will have a unique chance to discover the world of animated characters through the film and workshop focused on creation of cartoons. “Les Nouvelles Aventures de Pat et Mat” will be projected as part of Anima Saturday in Flagey.

The pilot episode of the series „… a je to!“ (“… and it is done”) was made in 1976. Lubomír Beneš, the artist and the director was inspired by his own comic strips in the newspaper. He asked the script editor Jiří Kubíček and other artist and film director Vladimír Jiránek to join him and together they created the first episode called „The Handymen“. The main inspiration comes from the manual awkwardness and the essence of the episodes is not only the humor, gags, clumsiness but also the optimism we can find in every story. The latest episodes are produced by Patmat, Ltd. - the scripts are written and the films directed by Marek Beneš, the son of Lubomír Beneš. (PAT a MAT http://en.patmat.cz/)



2PM: film

Chess match, Cactus, Exercise bike, Tiles, Orange juice

3PM: break

3:30PM: workshop (5PM: end)


When: 29th October 2016, 2PM

Where: Studio 5, Flagey, Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Brussels

More info: Official website of Flagey


Studio 5, Flagey, Place Sainte-Croix, 1050 Brusel


29-okt.-2016 14:00

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