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18-okt.-2018 18:30 - 8-nov.-2018

Multimedia Exhibition: Czech and Slovak Century

Those who want to shape the future of our continent should well understand and honour our common history. Among other European countries, the Czech and Slovak Republics celebrate 100th year anniversary of their establishment in 1918 as democratic states. It is our great honour to present an exhibition commemorating the events leading towards this geopolitical change in the Central Europe and what followed after in the wider European context. The exhibition is interesting, engaging and fun but with seriousness and factual accuracy using both traditional displaying techniques and new technologies. The exhibition also includes a collection of students’ posters on the topic of the anniversary.

The exhibition takes place under the patronage of Commissioner Věra Jourová and Vice-President of the European Commission Maroš Šefčovič, and is co-organized by the  Slovak Representation to the EU.

ATTENTION: due to security reasons, the registration is strictly required for the opening (until 12/10): https://bit.ly/2C1Y7xu for those who do not hold an EC entry badge, and here: https://bit.ly/2yabJ71 for the EC badge holders. The opening takes place on 18 October at 18h30 at Berlaymont Piazza.

Visualisation fo the interactive exhibition:

K. Čapek: Talks with TGM


19 - 24/10 (both panels and multimedia part) - piazza of Berlaymont

25/10 – 8/11 (panels) - Berlaymont Hall 1

Where: Berlaymont, Rue de la Loi 200, Brussels




Van: 18-okt.-2018 18:30
T/m: 8-nov.-2018

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In samenwerking met het Tsjechisch Centrum

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