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14-apr.-2019 - 25-mei-2019


Photographer Miro Švolík, one of the main artists of the so-called Slovak New Wave is coming to Antwerp to open his solo exhibition “Homage to All My Inspirations”. This Slovak photographer began to study photography at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Bratislava before moving to Prague to continue his studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

His work is typical by its main focus on female body. His photos are all about female nudes and photographic fragments of women’s body. Miro Švolík finds also an inspiration in a history of art and photography itself. He often combines art media and cross the borders of art genres, which differentiates him from other artists. Švolík is famous for his collage type of a picture that is taken from above. His style is also unique because of the way he uses irony in his photography. The human body (silhouette, shape) is perceived as a supplement to the countryside. In a humorous and provocative way, the nature becomes a female body and vice versa. Source: Artlist (shortened)

Opening will be held in presence of author who will also introduce a new book of his works.

The first part of the book contains Miro’s most recent work, the other part contains - in reverse chronological order - pictures from earlier series [starting in the ’80’s], which are related to his new work.

A fragment of the introduction to the book:

The World as a Stage
Miro Svolik and How Geometry and Sex are Related

Is Miro Svolik (b. 1960) a poet? A photographer? A graphic designer? A director? What’s certain is that as a student of the Prague art academy, he must have taken a big sip of the magic potion served up there in the nineteen eighties. He has since occupied a special place in the world of experimental photography, producing iconic images that feature his friends and colleagues as models. In his early work, tiny people swarm across the focal plane in burlesque or surreal settings - Svolik arranged men and women as though on a sheet of drawing paper, found a bird's eye view for his camera and clicked away. Later, he had landscapes and human figures melt into surprising collages; he cut and mirrored nude models, turning them into playful, thrilling images. This produced a consistent oeuvre that flirts with eroticism and graphic design. In the recent work he presents in the series Homage to All my Inspirations, with its nod to Suprematism and the art of the Bauhaus school, bodies are in danger of dissolving into forms like letters of the alphabet and punctuation marks.

De wereld als toneelvloer
Miro Svolik en het verband tussen seks en geometrie 

Is Miro Svolik (°1960) een dichter? Een fotograaf? Een grafisch ontwerper? Een regisseur? Zeker is dat hij tijdens zijn opleiding aan de Praagse kunstacademie een flinke teug heeft genomen van de toverdrank die daar in de eighties werd geschonken. In de experimentele fotografie neemt hij sindsdien een bijzondere plaats in, met iconische beelden waarvoor hij vrienden en collega’s liet poseren. In zijn vroege werk krioelen kleine mensen over het beeldvlak in burleske of surrealistische settings – Svolik schikte mannetjes en vrouwtjes als op een blad tekenpapier, zocht een vogelperspectief voor zijn camera en drukte af. Later liet hij landschappen en menselijke figuren versmelten tot verrassende collages of verknipte en spiegelde hij naaktmodellen tot speelse, spannende beelden. Zo ontstond een consistent oeuvre dat flirt met erotiek en grafische vormgeving. In het recente werk dat hij in de reeks Homage to all my inspirations presenteert, dreigen lichamen op te lossen in vormen als letters en leestekens, met knipoogjes naar het suprematisme en de kunst van het Bauhaus.

Homage to All My Inspirations
Text [CZ / ENG / NL]: Eric Min
Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm / 160 pages / ISBN 978-94-91738-548
Price: €

(photo: Igor Malijevský)

When: 15 April – 25 May 2019, opening on 14 April

Where: Galerie Baudelaire, Plantin en Moretuslei 119, B - 2140 Antwerp

More information: HERE


Van: 14-apr.-2019
T/m: 25-mei-2019

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