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18-mei-2019 16:30

Métro, ROBOT, dodo - multidisciplinary afternoon on robots and artificial beings in Luik

Imagine an entire afternoon for whole family with a variety of playful activities on one and only subject: ROBOTS! Artificial intelligence, if you prefer, is the main theme of an afternoon programme put together by Czech Centre Brussels and Point Culture Liège -  the programme pays tribute to Karel Čapek, one of the most important Czech writers and an author of R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots), written in 1920, where the word “robot” was used for the very first time!

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  • 15:30 Interactive workshop| “Čapek and  the artificial beings” by Ilona Machová
  • 17:00 Exhibition opening |  “100 years from now” by Daniel Špaček
  • 18:00 Concert | “Pickup machines”
  • & many more activities
100 years from now
Interactive workshop “Čapek and the artificial beings” by Ilona Machová

13+ | Include small refreshments for participants | Registration: HERE

Ilona Machová is an expert on the topic of Čapek’s creation, who works more than 10 years in the institutions of art like theatres (Klicperovo divadlo, Divadlo D21) or cinemas (Bio Central) in Hradec Králové, Central Bohemia. In 2016, she founded an on-line website about Čapek and his family: www.karelcapek.cz, which guides through places in the east Bohemia, where the Čapek’s family lived and most of his works were created. She also co-operated on a book and an information booklet with the same theme. Currently, she works on the book about another outstanding Czech writer – Božena Němcová.

Czech illustrator Daniel Špaček will present his exhibition “100 years from now” at 17:00.

100 years from now, will robot be our friend or the destroyer of human race? Is it able to be a friend with a man? Or can it be a friend with another robot? 100 years from now, will robots steal our job? And will all of them work? “100 years from now” is quite a joyful vision of our future.For Daniel Špaček astronauts were and are the heroes, they allow us to see our world from another, a wider perspective. With his illustrations he attempts to do the same on a smaller scale and that’s why he has so much fun while drawing.Czech (Moravian) wine will be served at the exhibition opening thanks to the Office of the South Moravian Region for interregional cooperation.

Concert of « Pickup machines »  at 18:00. Their work consists in mixing electro-acoustic and electro-mechanic style, digital formation and synthesizer, therefore they create a new style of music.

Throughout afternoon:

DJ Set by Anaël Honings, alias DJ Bon Gout  is well-known for self-making formation mixing his own creation with other music styles.

Creative corner - a lot of activities for children as well as for adults

+ a surprise ......We have some clues for you: robots in movement, rhythm (by Free your HeArt).



When: 18 May 2019: starting at 15:30

Where: PointCulture Liège


All the illustrations used on this page have been created by Daniel Špaček.


Liège/ Lutych / Luik

18-mei-2019 16:30

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In samenwerking met het Tsjechisch Centrum

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