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23-mrt.-2018 - 28-apr.-2018

Martin Kohout at Gallery Levy Delval

 Of the many categories that art vernacular is full of, «fiction» isn’t the most common. Many of these concepts are often binomial, such as in «abstraction/figuration». Yet it’s more evidence that such simple distinctions aren’t encouraging, nor are fruitful reflections. The opposite of «fiction» would be «documentary» or as prosaic as English language can be, «non-fiction». But what Martin Kohout's and Viktor Timofeev’s works share most is that they are both. This can also be characterized as spectral, for they are working within the spectrum between these two opposing poles. Their works can be considered to some extent as minute studies of the contemporary imagination. Yet they operate at two different levels: when Timofeev uses the topoi of dreams and nightmares, Kohout seems more ambiguous and put the viewer in an alternate place. The difference between their approaches could be compared to that between paradoxical sleep and deep sleep for instance.

Martin Kohout

„Kohout places intuition and rationality on an equal footing. In conventional installations he demonstrates the basic principles that are being lost in today’s over-informed world under layers of superfluity. He takes a mainly minimalist approach and often uses new media.“ (Artlist)

When: opening on 23rd March 2018 at 6pm, exhibition until 28th April

Where: Levy Delval, rue Fourmoisstraat 9, Brussels

More information here: Facebook event.



Van: 23-mrt.-2018
T/m: 28-apr.-2018

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