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2-dec.-2015 20:00

Czech series "Mamon" at BOZAR in Brussels

With the presence of Antony Root, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Production HBO Europe, BOZAR (Rue Ravenstein 23, Brussels) will introduce Czech series Mamon as a part of the opening ceremony of the project called “Are You Series?”. The first two episodes of the thriller series will be screened at 8PM, admission free, registration required.

The crime series Mamon, the latest original drama production from HBO Europe, is a fictional series set in current-day Czech Republic but has its roots in the 1990s. The story is an accurate portrayal of real 1990´s practices: the privatisation of state companies, embezzlement and corruption at the public prosecutor´s office.

A journalist is working on an important investigation of a major state entity. During a background check for the story he stumbles across controversial information regarding his own brother, who seems to be involved in a related scandal.

(CZ, 2015, episodes 1 & 2, VO, st EN + FR, 2 x 50’)

Screenwriter(s): Štefan Titka, Iva Klestilová, Ondřej Provazník, Hynek Trojánek

With: Matěj Hádek, Gabriela Míčová, Dušan Sitek, Tereza Hofová, Michal Dlouhý

Director: Vladimír Michálek

Producer(s): HBO Europe, Bionaut Films


Where: Salle M, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brusel

When: 2nd December 2015 at 8pm

More information: http://www.bozar.be/en/activities/105627-are-you-series---opening-night

Registration: http://crm.bozar.be/EFFICY.DLL/guest?app=bozar&page=EventsRegistration2/Registration.htm&lang=en&kprod=144862



Palais des Beaux-Arts, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Bruxelles


2-dec.-2015 20:00

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