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24-jan.-2018 - 25-mrt.-2018

Topography of Subversion: Magdalena Jetelová exhibits at Halles Saint-Géry

Agora of Halles Saint-Géry in Brussels offers a retrospective exhibition evoking a unique dialogue between breakthroughs of common heritage and contemporary art manifestations. Among ten other artists exhibiting, Magdalena Jetelová, a prominent Czech artist, displays her series of photographic works featuring outdoor laser projections. The exhibition lasts until 25 March 2018.

The exhibition reflects a controversial connection between a part of Brussels’ heritage in contrast with countercultural movements in 1960’s – especially with fantastic realism. Exhibiting artists show their physical subversion and radical defiance within their art pieces.

Topography of Subversion was created regarding to two supplemental aspects – historic and contemporary. Each of them emerged from different partnership - the historic one from “Revolutionary Brussels” and the contemporary one from “Another world in our world”.

Magdalena Jetelová began creating monumental sculptures in early 1980s as a means of expressing conceptuality and overall context. Jetelová was inspired by movements like Arte povera, while studying in Italy, and contemporary artists such as Richard Deacon of New British Sculpture and James Coleman with whom she studied. Back in Czechia, she exhibited her work with other artists at a major event called The Lesser Town’s Courtyards. She has exhibited in Tate London, Riverside Studios London, MoMA New York, Documenta 8 or Sydney Biennial.

When: 24 January – 25 March 2018

Where: Les Halles Saint-Géry,  Place Saint-Géry 1, 1000 Brussels

Entry free

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Van: 24-jan.-2018
T/m: 25-mrt.-2018

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