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19-apr.-2018 - 22-apr.-2018

Czech Artists at Art Brussels 2018

This year’s edition of the international art fair Art Brussels will be held from 19th to 22nd April 2018 and is again going to feature Czech artists thanks to  Drdova Gallery and  Polansky Gallery, who will introduce four Czech artists in total at the premises of Tour & Taxis.


Drdova Gallery

Drdova Gallery was opened in the spring of 2012 to enrich and complete the ranks of private galleries in the Czech Republic. The primary aim of the gallery is to support the works and careers of local artists of the young and middle generation in the international environment. Besides its regular program, consisting in presenting the works by the represented artists, the gallery also focuses on curatorial projects which introduce other quality names of the local and international scene. In Jan/Feb 2018, Lucie Drdová took part in curatorial residence in Delfina Foundation (London).

At Art Brussels, Drdova Gallery will present the work of Markéta Othová, Pavla Sceranková and Aleksandra Vajd. The gallery also represents artists like Hynek Alt, Jan Nálevka, Monika Žáčková or Daniel Vlček. More information at http://www.drdovagallery.com

Marketa Othová

The movement that is inscribed to the work of Markéta Othová resembles an intuitive descent through the history of photography. In her latest works she focused more than ever on the construction of individual photographs that, in strict antithesis to prior cycles, she took exclusively in the laboratory conditions of the photographic studio. Now, Othová uses her work to inquire into the nature of the medium of photography and the stability of the visual work.


Pavla Sceranková

In the work of Pavla Sceranková, we can encounter several fundamental moments. One of them is her emphasis on direct physical relationship between an object-sculpture and its creator or user. Through her work in the Czech environment she articulates a significant individual position with her ability to connect the creative sovereignty of an object with a dynamic thought of the depicted situation.


Aleksandra Vajd

Photography serves to Aleksandra Vajd as a means of revaluating the visual perception of the work and photography itself. She usually highlights the problematic perception by exhibitions installed with an emphasis on the whole and with a focus on the specific space. What is depicted in the photography is (re)enriched by the third dimension.



Polansky Gallery

Polansky Gallery is a young progressive gallery with high-class international reach. It is not stuck in any groove and it represents artists both Czech and foreign, young and established, working with all sorts of media. It exhibits together with Berlin’s EXILE art gallery at

Martin Kohout

Kohout places intuition and rationality on an equal footing. In conventional installations he demonstrates the basic principles that are being lost in today’s over-informed world under layers of superfluity. He takes a mainly minimalist approach and often uses new media.



When: 19.-22.4.2018

Where: Tour & Taxis, Avenue du Port 86C






Van: 19-apr.-2018
T/m: 22-apr.-2018

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