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5-nov.-2017 - 22-nov.-2017 00:00

Loves of a Blonde screened three times at CINEMATEK

If you are a fan of classic movies you should not miss screening of Milos Forman’s masterpiece Loves of a Blonde. The black’n’white romantic comedy which was made in 1965 in Czechoslovakia ad was awarded by the Golden Globe will be screened three times at CINEMATEK in Brussels. Information about time and tickets below.

When Milos Forman’s Loves of a Blonde had its American premiere at the New York Film Festival in 1966, it was an immediate sensation. Nothing quite as fresh and apparently spontaneous had appeared on the scene since François Truffaut’s The 400 Blows seven years earlier. One of the critics of The New York Times described it as “delightfully simple and sure, hopeful—but realistic and full of delicious characters.”

Loves of a Blonde dances along the thin line between dreams and disillusionment, as sympathetic to its heroine’s aspirations as it is certain that they can never be fully achieved. As Forman’s own work has matured, he has continued to explore this conflict—in the struggle between the young Mozart and the aging Salieri in Amadeus, for example, or between the predatory sexual adventurers of Valmont and their virginal victims. The loves of this blonde are the loves of us all, as essential as they are impossible.


05 November 2017 / 8PM / CINEMATEK - Salle Plateau

17 November 2017 / 6PM / CINEMATEK - Salle Plateau

22 November 2017 / 6PM / CINEMATEK - Salle Plateau

Tickets available here.





Van: 5-nov.-2017
T/m: 22-nov.-2017 00:00

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