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8-sep.-2016 18:00 - 12-nov.-2016

Klara Hobza at Waldburger Wouters

Klara Hobza, Czech artist based in Berlin, is collaborating with Waldburger Wouters Gallery in Brussels. The opening of the exhibition called “You came here for the killing, didn't you?” will be held on 8th September 2016 from 6PM in the presence of artist.


“‘Werner Herzog is my orientation point,’ says Klara Hobza. Unlike the male protagonists in some of Herzog’s films, Hobza brings a great self-awareness to her projects. She too wants to test the boundaries of the possible; also perhaps of her own physical capacity, but the personas she creates for herself are neither self-destructive nor deluded. Her projects often involve a grandiose ambition, comparable to dragging a steamship across a hill.(...) Approaching Hobza’s work in terms of the media she uses to plan, document or execute her projects misses the point of her greater ambition, which seems to be not only to engage with the world but also to ask the spectator to engage with her. Although she shares Herzog’s contempt for psychoanalysis and psychological interpretations, her projects do have strong autobiographical references – which may explain the combination of grandiosity and whimsy she brings to them.” (Frieze)

About Gallery:

Waldburger Wouters is a gallery for young and international art. Waldburger Wouters is based in Brussels and started its activities in November 2009 as Galerie Waldburger. In September 2014, Tim Wouters became partner and the name consequently changed to Waldburger Wouters. The origins of the gallery go back a few years, when first exhibitions with young artists were organised in temporary spaces in Switzerland and Berlin.

More information: http://www.waldburgerwouters.com/index.html

When: opening night on 8th September 2016 from 6PM to 9PM, exhibition open until 12th November 2016

Where: 67 Regentschapsstraat, 1000 Brussels


Rue de la Régence 67 Regentschapsstraat 1000 Brussels, Belgium


Van: 8-sep.-2016 18:00
T/m: 12-nov.-2016

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