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18-mei-2016 - 9-jun.-2016

700th Anniversary of Charles IV., the Emperor on Four Thrones

We would like to invite you to the opening of the touring panel exhibition about Charles IV., organized under the patronage of Věra Jourová, Member of the European Commission, that will take place at the premises of the European Commission in the Berlaymont Exhibition Hall on the 1st floor on Wednesday 18th May 2016 at 6pm.

The exhibition was prepared by the Charles University in Prague in cooperation with the National Gallery in Prague.

Please register at waldhauserova@czech.cz  or  Tel: +32 (0) 2 641 89 47. When registering, it is necessary to provide the following information to ensure the entry to the European Commission: surname, name, date of birth, nationality, ID card number, the date of expiry.

For security reasons, please confirm your attendance before 10th May 2016 and present the attached invitation at the entrance.

The Emperor on Four Thrones / Life Journey of Charles IV. in Fourteen Stops

JUBILEE YEAR | 700 YEARS SINCE THE BIRTH OF CHARLES IV. 1316-2016 | Touring exhibition

The year 2016 caries the spirit of Charles IV., on 14th May it will be exactly 700 years since he was born. Cultural, academic and scientific institutions are preparing a wide range of activities, such as thematic exhibitions and programs related to the personality of the emperor.

The touring exhibition includes the total of 14 text panels with accompanying pictorial motifs (referring to the fourteen Stations of the Cross) and one introductory panel with the main motive of the Prague Czech-Bavarian State Exhibition, Emperor Charles IV. placing a holy remnant into reliquaries at the Karlstejn Castle.

Charles IV., the Emperor on Four Thrones, deeply religious man, believed in the Judeo-classical tradition of European civilization. And the exhibition is supposed to express the relationship of the current Czech Republic to the significance of Charles IV.  as an European Emperor. Historical relation of the Czech lands as an integral part of the European politics is interwoven by the basic elements of European culture, that is undoubtedly based on values, professed by Charles IV. – the Christianity and humanism.

The touring exhibition presents Charles IV. not only as a steadfast politician, but also as an ordinary man, who has common concerns of everyday’s life (he fears about the fate of his children –  tries to secure their future, he suffers from diseases, enjoys his life, etc.). And as every other person, he also has traits, that sometimes help him to resolve his life situation and sometimes make it rather more complicated. Anyway, Charles IV. is a historical figure, who sees the world around him in a broader context and uses his faith and education in order to fulfill his own nationally-dynastic conceptions.

The panel exhibition was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture as a part of the accompanying program to the first Czech-Bavarian state exhibition Emperor Charles IV. 1316-2016, which will be held from 15.5. to 25.9.2016 at the National Gallery in Prague, Wallenstein Riding School.

Information about the panel exhibition:

Concept: Jiří Fajt

Text: Milan Rudik, Royt Jan and Jiri Fajt

Coordination and implementation: National Gallery in Prague in cooperation with Charles University


When: 18th May – 9th June 2016

Where: European Commission, Berlaymont Exhibition Hall, 1st floor, Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200, 1040 Brussels




European Commission


Van: 18-mei-2016
T/m: 9-jun.-2016

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