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29-jan.-2018 - 9-mrt.-2018

Czech photographer Jiří Jírů in Brussel’s Begramoff Gallery

The aim of the exposition called „Walls“ is to reflect the unique perception of this theme by each of 7 participating photographers. They present their own ways of seeing walls, walls separating the populations and countries as well as walls placed among us; walls covered with graffiti displaying the images of reality, just like mirrors. Walls in front of which the scenes of life take place.

Jiří Jírů is internationally acclaimed photographer of Czech origin who has spent a significant amount of his life in Brussels, where he emigrated in 1968 for political reasons. His photos have been shown in the magazines People, Fortune or The New York Times and he was the official personal photographer of the Czech president Václav Havel.

The exhibition will take place from 29th January till 9th March and will be accessible from Monday  to Friday by an appointment.

Other artists represented: Shirley Hicter, Fabrice Malzieu, Laurent Muschel, Charlotte Meignan-Rolin & Martine Rolin, Marharyta Taraikevich.


When: 29th Januray – 9th March

Where: Gallery Begramoff, Rue Stevin 206, 1000 Brussels

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Van: 29-jan.-2018
T/m: 9-mrt.-2018

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