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3-jun.-2016 20:00 - 19-jun.-2016

Exhibition of Jiří Brázda "A Quarter of a Century Later" in Antwerp

The Graphic Art Gallery Epreuve d’Artiste invites you to the opening of exhibition of the recent drawings and prints by Jiří Brázda and ceramic work by Jaroslava Brázdová, on 3rd June 2016 at 8pm. The exhibition will remain open until 19th June 2016. The exhibition will be introduced by Mr. Jack van Peer, the president of the association Graphia.

The gallery Epreuve d’Artiste has supported the Czech Graphic Art for many years. This year it is celebrating 25th anniversary!

Jiří Brázda

“Sharp, at the same time often and surprisingly changing beat of Jiří Brázda´s graphic art, drawings, and paintings attract us by their expressive virtuosity. By means of these masterful art skills we are drawn into the difficult, unstable and discomposing units of the Brázda´s works. These works provoke us to our returns, to the attempts to understand the meaning of art as well as psychological antitheses (the figure and the background for example). Often we might even say that the iconography is in a provocatively escaping contradiction to the psychology. And Jiří Brázda usually does not make the situation any easier by the names, with which he sends his works into the world.

Yet the ambiguous surface of gestures, masks and poses of the Brázda´s figures, the elegant ciphers, which as a paradox do not aim at attractiveness or even less at sweetness, create an inner picture for the spectator, the picture that can be described as late Renaissance or manneristic disegno interno. Its indication of the meaning penetrates the exciting effectiveness of the visible outer picture. The result causes stronger restless feelings growing in us.

By his work Jiří Brázda can be placed among the artists, who can be described as existential figuralists. For him and his art, as well as for his colleagues (such as J. Anderle, K. Demel, O. Kulhánek and J. Krejčí), can be current the Pascal´s: "Whatever position you take, I will not give you peace in it.” Theatrum mundi of Jiří Brázda is attractively non-idealistic.“

Bohuslav Holý 

When: opening on 3rd June 2016 at 8pm, the exhibition will remain open until 19th June 2016 (Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm to 6pm)

Where:  EPREUVE D'ARTISTE | GRAPHIC ART GALLERY, Oudekerkstraat 64, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium


EPREUVE D'ARTISTE | GRAPHIC ART GALLERY, Oudekerkstraat 64, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium

Van: 3-jun.-2016 20:00
T/m: 19-jun.-2016

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