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23-sep.-2020 - 16-okt.-2020

Jaromír Typlt guest at Transpoesie 2020

Transpoesie is a unique festival which celebrates beauty of languages. Every year during September and October, Brussels residents become part of it (symbolically the festival kicks off on 26th of September - on the Day of European languages). This year, the festival will celebrate 10 years anniversary and will host more than 20 artists from all over the Europe (in a hybrid version), including Czech poet and performer Jaromír Typlt. The first evening will take place at Hungarian culture institute in collaboration with Versopolis poetic platform  on 23rd of September. Six female artists will be sharing virtual stage, but the public can join in person! (registrations)

Following Wednesdays until 14th of October will belong to 15 artists who will present their texts in their mother tongue with English simultaneous translation. Last, but not least, from the mid-September to the mid October, you can look forward to popular campaign in the public transport. If you will look carefully, you will see one of Jaromír Typlt’s poems too. He will take a part at virtual session too. You can see his performance during the second literary evening on the 30th  of September at 8 pm. (link for registration here).

Jaromír Typlt is a Czech artist whose poetry is often influenced by a surrealist understanding of the imagination. Since 2000, Typlt has moved beyond the field of literature towards live performance, music, and the visual arts. Although the written word remains the foundation for all these experiments, the main feature of his work is an exploration of the limits of language.  Translations of Jaromír Typlt’s poetry were published in various magazines and collections, including Hebenon (Italy), Die Horen (Germany), Wyspa (Poland), Nunc (France), and Akhali saunje (Georgia). He has presented his experimental literary performances at international festivals in Vilenica, Krakow, Berlin, Frankfurt-am-Main, Vilnius, Tbilisi, Xichang and many other places.  He will introduce his work to Belgian audience in a collaboration with Belgian artist Swoon.

Events will take part at Hungarian institute (registration necessary due to limited capacity). You will have unrepeatable opportunity to meet team of Transpoesie and have a virtual drink with artists from all around the world!


All the updates arehere: https://www.facebook.com/Transpoesie

Official website of the festival: http://www.transpoesie.eu/


When: from 23 Sept. to 16 Oct. (meet Jaromír Typlt on 30 Sept 2020 from 8pm - registration)

Where: online // Transpoesie Facebook

             off-line // Hungarian culture institute – registrations

Organizers: EUNIC Brussels (EU National institutes for culture), VERSOPOLIS, with support of City of Brussels and Czech Literary Centre (Moravian Library)

Photo: archive of Jaromír Typlt




online / Hungarian Cultural Institute


Van: 23-sep.-2020
T/m: 16-okt.-2020

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