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1-mei-2016 - 11-jun.-2016

Jaromír Novotný in Antwerp

Czech Centre in Brussels cordially invites you to the exhibition of Jaromír Novotný called White room. It will take place in the Gallery Geukens & De Vil in Antwerpen from 1st May till 11th June 2016. The official opening will take place on 1st May from 2-5pm. Jaromír Novotný will exhibit 12 new works there.

Artist Jaromír Novotný (1974), graduate of the Prague Academy of Arts (the drawing studio of Prof. Jitka Svobodová) works with polyester and acrylic, paper and print colour, or with photographic paper and a developer, conditions of his work are genuinely painterly. Although we can identify his artworks as monochrome canvases, there is no room for easy solutions. Rather we are confronted with complex authorial process, inspection of possibilities and conditions of the painting as a medium.

As opposed to figurative or even realist painting the resemblance (mimesis) does not unfold in-between the object and the painting, but rather in-between the activity of painting and that of the viewer. Jaromír Novotný controls precisely this economy of attention. The concentration of both the colour and the viewer intertwines in the very colour field, so as in the framework of the composition.

Elevation, in 2014, Antwerp, can be considered the last exhibition of Novotny limiting himself to the use of black and white. In this particular series he applied a new technique by creating layers of greys through intensively rolling printing ink on canvases hung freely on the wall without stretchers.

Only a few months later, he started exploring a new support: synthetic organza. From that moment on his works became - literally and figuratively - lighter. In this - still ongoing - series he challenges every aspect of transparency. Not only the use of paint and water contributes to the degree of transparency as in the former series but the visible presence of added wood, glass or cardboard at the back of the painting, the partly layering of different fields of the organza, the stretcher as a present actor of the artwork, the stitched parts of organza, all these factors emphasize the physical phenomenon of fragility and transparency.

Another new player in this series, shown extensively at our booth at Art Brussels 2015, is the use of color.


More information: http://www.geukensdevil.com/

When: 1. 5. – 11. 6. 2016 (open: thu, fri, sa: 1-6pm)

Where: Geukens & De Vil, Leopoldplaats, 12 (1st floor), 2000 Antwerp


Galerie Geukens & De Vil, Leopoldplaats 12, 2000 Antverpy

Van: 1-mei-2016
T/m: 11-jun.-2016

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