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7-dec.-2017 19:30

Czech short films: the best of Czech shorts

iShorts is promoting new short films not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in Brussels and after last year’s successful screening at the Pilsen House, they come back with an intriguing selection of the best of shorts from 2017. ALL FILMS ARE SCREENED WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

This year, a special Christmas culinary experience awaits all visitors after the screening.

The Collision / Director: Šimon Štefanides; Live Action, 13 min.

Old Mr. Tošovský has knocked down Mrs. Pařízková by a car. His daughter Zuzana is boiling with anger and takes the car keys away from him to prevent him from further driving. On one hand Zuzana solves the problem with her father, but on the other she antagonizes her mother Jana, who is planning a trip to a remote cemetery to do the spring-cleaning. After a quarrel with her daughter, Jana decides not to leave the things as they are.

Backstage / Directors: Dominik Truhlář, Martin Mach; Documentary Film, 11 min.

Documentary film ''BACKSTAGE'' is a video based on the background of the crematorium Strasnice in Prague. It is a reflection on the day life of a man who is burning dead bodies.

Domovoi / Director: Pavel Soukup; Live Action, 9 min.

There are many stories, many sound alike, - but this one bears the name of the friendly sprite. - DOMOVOI

Benny / Director: Michal Hruška; Live Action, 18 min.

Benny is a succesfull young man. As a hitman he earns a lot of money and also earns a lot of women. How it can end up when he finds out that he should kill himself? Cynical crimi-comedy, verbal shootouts about perverse values and empty relationships.

The Last Prior / Directors: Tereza Vágnerová, Petr Januschka; Documentary Film, 21 min.

The Last Prior is a tragicomical portrait of people working in the last unreconstructed socialist department store Prior. This perfectly preserved piece of socialist culture and aesthetics houses many strange characters that are themselves stuck in time of the store’s biggest fame. Today, they feel left out, frustrated and nostalgic. The film humorously captures a bizarre atmosphere of this forgotten place and reflects a specific mood of a post-totalitarian society.

Austerlitz Advent / Director: Josef Abrahám; Live Action, 29 min.


The year is 1805. The story takes place during the Battle of Austerlitz. The land has been thrown into a chaotic state of affairs accompanied by frequent changes of the local government.

In Moravia we find the protagonist Kajetan, conscientious landlord of a wealthy townsman, who escaped to safety of Silesian Cracow to avoid war dangers he left his property to poor Kajetan to worry about. Calm Advent of Kajetan and his young wife is interrupted by the rumbling of approaching artillery and both become involuntary hosts of passing by armies. Three different armies and cultures enter through the doorway. Kajetan is trying, at all costs, to protect his own life and also lives of his wife and grooms from the looting and pillaging armies.

Haiku / Director: Bartłomiej Klimsza; Live Action, 16 min.

A story about two young men dazed by alcohol, who meet a girl they've both dreamed for. The three of them spend a magical night together.

Entry free, registration required: ccbrussels@czech.cz.

Organizers: South-Moravian representation to the EU, Czech Centre Brussels, Centre of Czech Studies, ULB

About: iShorts is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote short films together with their authors. Theirmain activity is organizing regular short film screenings in Czech and Slovak cities. Each screening night has a specific program. On regular basis, we screen films that were awarded at major festivals: Cannes, Berlinale, Clermont-Ferrand, Sundance and many more.

Where: Pilsen House, 31 Jamblinne de Meux, 1030 Schaerbeek

When: 7th December 2017 at 7:30 pm



7-dec.-2017 19:30

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